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destressing with coffee and cookbooks

Sorry for the complete lack of posts over the last week! I’ve been very busy with deadlines and late nights at work and I haven’t had a single chance to blog all week! I have made some really nice food though – recipes and photos coming soon –  but here are two of the things that have kept me sane when I managed to get a chance to have some time for myself…

penguin orange mug

I’ve been drinking lots of french pressed coffee made with delicious coffee beans from Market Lane at the Prahran Market. I’ve been trying the Bella Vista beans which are sourced from Costa Rica and have a really nice sweet nutty taste. Normally I would choose tea over coffee but this stuff is really good!

Reading huge stacks of cookbooks and planning and cooking meals for my loved ones. I find chopping big piles of vegetables and stirring bowls of ingredients so incredibly soothing. The above stack of books is what I flicked through last weekend before making a big table of food with my mum. My contributions? Minced lamb spiced with garam marsala and topped with a zingy carrot salad a la Jamie Oliver and a cucumber and poppy seed salad a la Ottolenghi. Delicious, crunchy and fresh meals – perfect for spring!