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christmas magazines

I seriously love Christmas. I love giving beautifully wrapped gifts to people and seeing their eyes light up as they see what’s inside. I enjoy all the food that manages to come out for just one month every year. I enjoy decorating the house with glistening ornaments. And I love Christmas magazines because they manage to gather all the joy of the season in one place to give you many more ideas for your celebrations.

About a week ago I bought some new Christmas magazines and now that December is almost upon us I thought I would share some of my favourite images with you. I bought Australian magazines InsideOut and RealLiving, and the British LivingEtc and they are all filled with so much goodness. I’m looking forward to the rest of the Christmas issues hitting the stands!


anthology magazine

Last night after work I popped into mag nation in the city to pick up the latest magazine releases from around the world. I was most excited for the Christmas magazines that I knew would be hitting the shelves (more on this next week) but I was also keeping my eyes open and my fingers crossed for the newest magazine around, Anthology. Luckily it was on the shelf (thank goodness that mag nation gets so much amazing international stock in store) and I was soon able to get stuck into it on the train ride home.I’m sure that most readers of the design blogosphere would already be well aware of the magazine’s release. Everywhere I look I see another online story about the magazine as so many talented and gorgeous people have been involved in its production. While I’m sure it’s a difficult time to consider the release of a new printed magazine production with the ongoing increase of online media, the crew behind Anthology seems to have hit the mark on this one.

The first issue, Fall 2010, focuses on the slow life, with a sketch (yes, a sketch, not a photo!!) on the front cover featuring a stylish cyclist appearing to weave her way through the city streets. The cover, and the articles within, appear to hint at the idea that it is perfectly ok to feel the need to escape from the busy city world and into a relaxing home filled with loved ones and favourite bits and pieces. The style and editing of the magazine is lovely too – it feels like you are holding a printed version of your favourite, perfectly designed website.

The photos and articles really are about what I want to read in a magazine – delicious food to enjoy with friends, ideas for a stylish but welcoming and comfortable home, and even ways to jazz up your bicycle. More information and beautiful photos are available from anthologymag.com 

What is your favourite way of escaping the busy world around us?

jamie oliver’s sticky double ginger cake

After a few days of warm spring weather in Melbourne, a storm hit the city yesterday afternoon, bringing lots of cooling rain. It was perfect cake baking weather in my opinion. I couldn’t decide what kind of cake I wanted to make so I flicked through a stack of food magazines. It wasn’t too long before the combination of ginger and golden syrup caught my eye and when I remembered I had a jar of stem ginger in syrup waiting to be opened I decided it was the winner. I found the sticky double ginger cake recipe in Jamie Oliver’s 2009-2010 magazine yearbook (a bargain at $15 for almost 400 recipes), but further searching showed me it was also available online. This cake is really easy to bake, smells amazing and tastes great. I bet it would have looked really good too, but I was too impatient and decided to take it out of the tin before it had even slightly cooled, so the cake formed a few huge cracks and fell apart. My cake didn’t actually sink though, which is what most people on the internet reported as their problem with this recipe.

The cake collapse wasn’t a total disaster, it just meant I spooned my cake into some bowls and ate it like it was a pudding while it was still warm. As a pudding it would have tasted great with some vanilla ice cream, but I didn’t have any at hand – I wasn’t exactly expecting to eat it pudding style. I thought about making a quick syrup to drizzle over it but I took a quick reality check at the amount of sugar already in the cake and thought it was best to avoid doing that!

For all the ingredient quantities and cooking directions, check out the recipe on Jamie’s site but I promise it is seriously easy. You basically throw all the ingredients in either a stand mixer or food processor and bring it all together, and then you pour it into a pan, sprinkle a little sugar on the top and pop it in the oven. The most difficult step is probably just bashing the stem ginger into a puree. Actually, come to think of it, the most difficult part is avoiding the temptation to take the cake out of the tin too early!

sunny sunday afternoon

Today was an amazing spring day. Trust that it isn’t until we hit OCTOBER that we get such a gorgeous day in Melbourne – wasn’t Spring supposed to start a whole month ago? At least we got the sunshine on the weekend after it rained all week long.

I made the most of it by sitting on the balcony at home and reading through this month’s food magazines. I stocked up at magnation during the week and I’m only now getting a chance for more than a quick flick (for those who don’t know what magnation is, it is one of the coolest shops around – an entire store filled with magazines from around the world, plus a few books and cute stationery items).

The latest issue of Jamie is a special ‘autumn’ issue (it is a British mag after all) but it is still full of recipes that I want to make right now – lemon cupcakes, green curry with crispy chicken, tomato toast with fried egg and chilli, coconut bread and salted caramel popcorn. Every page in this magazine looks great and I love the feel of the paper. It also has a special feature on Sydney which is timed perfectly as my boyfriend S and I are flying there next weekend!

Australian Gourmet Traveller is another one of my favourite food magazines. It is full of restaurant reviews (from cafes to super luxe restaurants), recipes from amazing chefs, weeknight quick fixes and amazing travel adventures. This month you can armchair travel your way to Delhi, Easter Island, Los Angeles, Spain and Tasmania. The food is even better though – eight heavenly sounding cheesecakes, greek recipes from Tessa Kiros’s new book and delcious ideas for a picnic lunch (how did they know the weather would suddenly pick up?).

MasterChef Magazine is the magazine which accompanies Australia’s hit television show MasterChef, a show that was stolen from the Brits, reformulated, and now manages to win the ratings most nights. The current series features kids between 8 and 12 years old and they are amazing! I’m looking forward to cooking some of their recipes which are featured in the current magazine – Chicken and Leek Cannelloni with Orange and Fennel Salad, Chicken Roulade with Pistachio Butter Filling and Cotolette with Pumpkin and Pine Nut Salad and Potato Rosti. Yum!