feeling whole again

I’ve realised it’s October and the year has flown by. It has been one of the hardest years of my life due to a number of personal reasons but I am finally starting to feel better. Not sure how obvious it has been to others  – my partner has felt some of it, my family may have noticed glimpses, but to most it has probably gone unnoticed. My happiness has started to pick up again and the good is finally outweighing the bad again. Thank goodness for that.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I think that the last weekend has been the biggest turning point for me. I started off feeling stressed but ended up having the most amazing time with S. We headed off to Inverloch for a few days of camping and relaxation by the beach. By sunrise on the first day I could feel a change coming over me.

Between visits to farmer’s markets, bakeries (amazing apple/rhubarb cobbler cake), a winery and an antique store I started to feel whole again. Being able to relax at the end of a day filled with laughter and happiness with good food cooked by my lovely boyfriend (amazing chocolate pancakes) just topped it all of for me. One of the best weekends ever.

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