anthology magazine

Last night after work I popped into mag nation in the city to pick up the latest magazine releases from around the world. I was most excited for the Christmas magazines that I knew would be hitting the shelves (more on this next week) but I was also keeping my eyes open and my fingers crossed for the newest magazine around, Anthology. Luckily it was on the shelf (thank goodness that mag nation gets so much amazing international stock in store) and I was soon able to get stuck into it on the train ride home.I’m sure that most readers of the design blogosphere would already be well aware of the magazine’s release. Everywhere I look I see another online story about the magazine as so many talented and gorgeous people have been involved in its production. While I’m sure it’s a difficult time to consider the release of a new printed magazine production with the ongoing increase of online media, the crew behind Anthology seems to have hit the mark on this one.

The first issue, Fall 2010, focuses on the slow life, with a sketch (yes, a sketch, not a photo!!) on the front cover featuring a stylish cyclist appearing to weave her way through the city streets. The cover, and the articles within, appear to hint at the idea that it is perfectly ok to feel the need to escape from the busy city world and into a relaxing home filled with loved ones and favourite bits and pieces. The style and editing of the magazine is lovely too – it feels like you are holding a printed version of your favourite, perfectly designed website.

The photos and articles really are about what I want to read in a magazine – delicious food to enjoy with friends, ideas for a stylish but welcoming and comfortable home, and even ways to jazz up your bicycle. More information and beautiful photos are available from 

What is your favourite way of escaping the busy world around us?


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