thursday night treat

TGIAF – Thank God It’s Almost Friday.

I’ve been very busy at work this week and I’m glad I have a relaxing evening ahead of me before heading back to work tomorrow. In my mind, Friday lunchtime is the start of the weekend and therefore Thursday night it’s time to start thinking about enjoying myself.

To start the night I spent a relaxing half hour sitting on the balcony perusing my latest book purchase from Paumes – Patisseries of Paris. Any moment now my dessert craving will kick in – tonight I am going to make a nice big bowl of vanilla ice cream and lace it with shaved Green & Blacks orange chocolate and some ginger in stem syrup. I love that I never need to share this dessert – S doesn’t quite understand my ginger and dark chocolate obsession.

What are you planning to enjoy as a sweet treat tonight? Even if you haven’t thought of something yet I am sure these pictures from my new book purchase will get you in the mood. There are pastries, macarons and tarts from Stohrer, Pierre Herme, Laduree, Angelina’s and more….


12 responses to “thursday night treat

  1. Am totally with you on the ginger and dark chocolate front. A similar staple for me is ground coffee and orange zest over vanilla ice cream. Something sweet and some time with a new book- hard to get a better evening than that!

    • Glad to find another dark chocolate and ginger fan. I love the sound of your icecream combination – I have never tried ground coffee with icecream (I don’t know why I never thought of it as I love coffee) but it sounds like it is definitely worth pursuing! I wish I could justify another bowl of icecream now so I could try it…

  2. *sigh* Berthillon ice cream is my favourite in the world! 🙂

  3. Thursday night is my favorite night of the week, it’s when I have the whole weekend ahead of me and I start making fun plans for what to cook on the weekend.

  4. mmmm those strawberries look so so so so yummy!!!


  5. Wow its like you read my mind…been such a long week! I bought myself a big bar of Lint choc & planning on catching up on some blog reading! Glad I found yours…enjoy your evening & Happy Friday!!! 🙂

  6. and what a great treat – i cant wait for the working week to end xxxxx

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