chocolate fondue

This weekend I discovered a new way of eating chocolate fondue. Fondue has always bothered me – I adore the taste and texture of melted chocolate but it is frustrating to find a way to keep the chocolate melted. I find eating melted chocolate over a candle flame too complicated (the bottom always burns) and the alternative of melting chocolate in a double boiler to then pour into a bowl is unthinkable.

I was in the Essential Ingredient at the Prahran market when I spied gorgeous stoneware cups with colourful French writing. I was sold, especially when I read the label and discovered that the cups contained chocolate ready to be used as fondue and the claims actually seemed believable. You simply place the pot in a bain marie for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, and when the chocolate has melted you simply put the cup on the bench and start dipping! There are also microwave directions but in my opinion the microwave is the perfect way to destroy good chocolate.

chocolate fondue paris

 The stone stays nice and warm which means the chocolate stays melted for ages – I got sick of eating it before it came anywhere near close to cooling down. The remaining chocolate resolidifies so that you can store it in the cupboard until you feel like melting it another day, although I’m pretty sure I won’t be waiting very long to use the rest of it. This weekend I tried the dark chocolate with sea salt flakes but I also bought the milk chocolate to try another time. The cups can be used again and again with new chocolate supplies making them seriously good value.

Easy, tasty and beautiful chocolate fondue. Trust the French to perfect it!

Image source: Aux Anysetiers du Roy


6 responses to “chocolate fondue

  1. Wow nice blog.. Bravo…

  2. I adore chocolate fondue. This looks like a particularly delicious one! Lucky you!

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