sophie dahl’s kitchen

So you’re probably sick of reading about my love of Sophie Dahl’s cooking (I’ve already made her granola and orange yoghurt polenta cake this week) but please bear with me while I show you these photos of her kitchen. Okay, so it’s not Sophie’s actual kitchen (it’s actually part of a mega British mansion) but it is used as her kitchen on the television show The Delicious Miss Dahl that goes with her cookbook Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights.

I love the exposed timber, huge expanses of white and the thought that it looks like a well used part of the home. The enamel pots and pans, milk glass cake stand and little collections of herbs and flowers are really grabbing my attention! I would love to be able to cook in this kitchen as it has easy access to lots of cookware and heaps of bench space in easy reach  (plus who could forget the Aga) but for now I’ll have to immerse myself in the recipes instead.

Images: BBC2 and LivingEtc


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