berries, flowers & tea

We woke up to a gorgeous sunny day this morning – so different to the cold and rainy days earlier in the week. S and I decided to walk to Limonatta in McKinnon for breakfast and make the most of the lovely weather.


Limonatta is a busy family friendly cafe with a tiny little kitchen. There are heaps of choices (even a breakfast pizza) and the menu takes on more of an Italian slant as the day progresses. It took a while for our food and drinks to come out but it was worth the wait in the end.

I had a huge bowl of bircher muesli with lots of yummy currants, almonds and coconut throughout, topped with extra yoghurt, grated apple and berry compote. The colours reminded me of Christmas! S had a cheesy toasted egg and bacon sandwich with a hint of mayo and pesto. We also had long glasses of fruit smoothies – banana and mixed berry.

On the way home S bought me some lovely flowers – I have no idea what type they are but they are very pretty! I’m looking forward to spending the afternoon relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea and some movies.


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