mozi kitchen goodies

I just bought some new kitchen goodies from Mozi! Mozi is an Australian brand of perfectly designed homewares – created by two sisters they have slowly been infiltrating the corners of some of my favourite stores in Melbourne, and now have three stores of their own (Collins Street City, Hawthorn and Hampton). Their stores are beautiful but their product range is even better – everything from scented candles to tea towels printed with recipes and linen washing bags.






 Each new collection has bright colours and prints that are inspired by various corners of the globe, from the backyards and outback of Australia to the Silk Road through Persia and India. And if there isn’t a print involved, you might get lucky with a really cute illustration instead.

As much as I would love to be exploring one of their stores right now, it is pouring with rain and lightning is flashing outside, and I know I will be too busy for a while to get in store. So I had fun buying a few new things online instead! I’m looking forward to their arrival so I can pull on my new waratah print oven mitt and bake some molten chocolate puddings in the oven – can’t wait!


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